Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Do you ever get in a place where you think you just cant do it? Everyone seems to be sick, laundry is piled high, you are frustrated and stressed.

I have been in that place the last week, and you know what I have discovered? I haven't asked God for help. I haven't asked Him to take over. I have tried to handle it all on my own. And now I see why I am frustrated and down.

Lord forgive me for not coming to you from the very beginning. Forgive me for trying to handle even the smallest part of my life on my own. Lord I lay it all at your feet. Lord please lead me and guide me. I have complete faith that you will lead me down the path that you want for me. Lord forgive me for not handling stress the way you have shown me to. Thank you Jesus for forgiving and saving me. You are an awesome God. In Jesus name, Amen.

Many blessing,

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