Sunday, January 5, 2014

Menu for 1/6-1/12

Hello all! This is one of those Sundays when I have been so very thankful that tomorrow is Monday and that starting of a fresh, new week.

My Husband and his fellow brothers in the fire service lost one of their own on New Years Day. It was not the way any of us wanted to start our new year but with our faith in Christ and each other, we have made it through one of the hardest weeks imaginable.

This week the kids go back to school, my home will start with a declutering and deep cleaning(post on this to come soon), and we start to get our schedule back to normal.

Here is my menu for the week. For more menu ideas please go to the Organizing Junkie.

Breakfast - cereal
Lunch - noodles
Dinner - Pork steak with mushrooms and onions, rice and gravy, green beans, corn bread

Breakfast - smoked sausage, eggs, toast
Lunch - homemade cheese pizza, salad
Dinner - left overs

Breakfast - waffles
Lunch - chicken salad sandwiches, carrots and ranch dressing
Dinner - whole roasted chicken, roasted potatoes and carrots, steamed broccoli

Breakfast - eggs, toast, fruit
Lunch - smoked sausage, herb pasta
Dinner - mushroom chicken, rice and gravy, corn

Breakfast - cereal
Lunch - corn dog, mac n cheese
Dinner - sausage gravy, biscuits, eggs

Breakfast - cinnamon rolls
Lunch - left overs
Dinner - homemade mamwich, French fries

Breakfast - waffles
Lunch - left over mamwich, chips
Dinner - fend for self

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